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StarSound Astrology in the news!

Irlianna appeared on FOX News, Louisville, Kentucky, WPRK 91.5 FM in Orlando and the Grimerica Show out of Calgary, Canada, sharing about the potential of the Great American Eclipse!  

The eclipse happened in August 2017 and its effects will last through 2019.


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We packed the house at Milkweed Health and Harmony Emporium in Hopkinsville, KY with our talk on the Eclipse ... Thank you Julie-Anna, Taylor and Sheila for hosting us!


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At "Front Porch Radio" with Julie Wilder.   BTW check out Julie's brilliant, gorgeous Cosmic Calendars at  

These calendars connect us with the cycles of life, nature and the stars. I hung mine on the fridge to always stay mindful.   

The  radio show is a full hour chat where we get into the Eclipse's impact on the USA, youth, women and yes, Donald Trump!  



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interview starts 47 min.  Irlianna Samsara joins for a chat about the upcoming Great American Total Eclipse. We talk about Reading the eclipse, the geological change possibilities, Trump and the chart, how it crosses over an old "UFO" town and its connection to Edgar Cayce.

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