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Life’s challenges getting you down?

The Mother Ship hears you!

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Dig out your exact birth time & let’s do a session.


Discover your soul's journey in this lifetime while you create a powerful context in which life's challenges lead to breakthroughs.  Realize your fullest potential & the gifts you are here to share.   Get exact dates -- windows of opportunity -- to assist you.

***Please have your exact birth time and place ready before you submit payment.

Session conducted via Skype Call.

What we cover…


• What is your life path? What are your highest potentials to be realized in the great cycle of changes now upon us?

• Where and when are the windows of opportunity in your chart?  

• In what areas of your life did you write to have a breakthrough?

• What conditioned behaviors and challenges did you write to overcome?  How can they be overcome?

• What are the upcoming transits for the next few months?  

• How long will their effects last? 

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90 min session - This is an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your natal (birth) chart, & transiting planets (the current 'Weather Report'). This combination allows us to address your life's path, plus specific issues affecting you over the next 6-12 months.  

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Two hour session - The Standard session of an in-depth comprehensive analysis of the natal chart and transiting planets in concert with sound healing/energy medicine using quartz crystal singing bowls and the Language of Light.

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Four sessions (One two-hour session + three 90 min sessions) The Special Package plus extended support including transformational life coaching, gleaned from decades of experience in leadership training and development. Especially helpful for navigating a major life change.


***Once payment is received I will contact you with available dates and times.