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Dig out your exact birth time & let’s do a session.


Discover your soul's journey in this lifetime while you create a powerful context in which life's challenges lead to breakthroughs.  Realize your fullest potential & the gifts you are here to share.   Get exact dates -- windows of opportunity -- to assist you.

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90 min session - This is an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of your natal (birth) chart, & transiting planets (the current 'Weather Report'). This combination allows us to address your life's path, plus specific issues affecting you over the next 6-12 months.  

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90 min session - The standard Session of an in-depth comprehensive analysis plus a written summary of key points and timetables of opportunity for the next 6 - 12 months.

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Four sessions (One two-hour session + Two 90 min sessions) Extended dialogue about transits, timetables, windows of opportunity and transformational life coaching, gleaned from decades of experience in leadership training and development. Especially helpful for navigating a major life change.


What we cover…


• What is your life path? What are your highest potentials to be realized in the great cycle of changes now upon us?

• Where and when are the windows of opportunity in your chart?  

• In what areas of your life did you write to have a breakthrough?

• What conditioned behaviors and challenges did you write to overcome?  How can they be overcome?

• What are the upcoming transits for the next few months?  

• How long will their effects last? 



To book a session, first locate your exact birth time, city and country.  Then make your selection from the list above, and submit your payment via  We will reply usually within 24 hours with available dates/times.