Life’s challenges getting you down?

The Mother Ship hears you!

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Dig out your birth time & let’s talk.


Discover your soul's journey in this lifetime while you create a powerful context in which life's challenges lead to breakthroughs.  Realize your fullest potential & the gifts you are here to share.   Get exact dates -- windows of opportunity -- to assist you.

***Please locate your exact birth time and place before you submit payment.

Once payment is received I will contact you with available dates and times.

Sessions conducted via Skype. Some in-person sessions available.

What we cover…


• What is your life path? What are your highest potentials to be realized in the great cycle of changes now upon us?

• Where and when are the windows of opportunity in your chart?  

• In what areas of your life did you write to have a breakthrough? What holds you back, and what will help you move forward?

• What conditioned behaviors and challenges did you write to overcome?  How can they be overcome?

• What are the upcoming transits for the next few months?  

• How long will their effects last? 

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60 minute session - We cover your natal chart and transiting planets (the current astro 'Weather Report'). We address your life's path, areas of challenge and opportunity, talents and skills. We also share specific dates and timetables of opportunity over the next 6-12 months.  

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90 minutes to 2 hour session - An in-depth dialogue and exploration of the natal chart and transiting planets (the current astro ‘Weather Report’) including select asteroids and fixed stars. We may also look at progressed planets - the current expression of your path and where it has shifted since the time you were born. Out of this session you’ll have a deeper understanding of your mission, how to access it, and the role you play in the emerging paradigm shift.

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Four sessions (One 2-hour intensive plus three 90 min sessions). Buy your sessions in bulk. Save over 30%. The Deluxe Package is especially helpful for those navigating a major life change, and/or desiring an ongoing dialogue. It provides all the benefits of the Special Package delivered over a three to four month period. Support may also include transformational life coaching gleaned from decades of experience in leadership training and development, plus yoga, sound healing and energy medicine.