2019: Feelings on The Year Ahead

The things we’ll experience in 2019 will be like nothing we’ve ever seen or will see in our lifetime.

I say that not from a place of grandiose claims but from reality.


Saturn, the planet of reality, begins to approach Pluto (the planet of death, transformation and regeneration) this year. They will conjunct December 2019. Everything will be unrecognizable from our current reality.

Then big boy Jupiter will line up with Saturn and Pluto in January 2020. This Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Triple Conjunction in Capricorn (along with the South Node and Ceres) is a mind-blowing paradigm shift.

The fundamental structure of our society is being purged and uplifted to a higher frequency. The rotten, corrupt elements of government, religion and those in high places will, thanks to Jupiter in Sag squaring Neptune this year, will try to stay hidden but it won’t work.

The attempts at deception, confusion and coverup (Neptune rules all of those) will get really intense now, leading up to the exact Jupiter-Neptune square January 13th, again June 16th, finally on September 21st. The Vatican has had its worst year ever in terms of trying to keep the masses deluded, with all the bombshell investigations of pedophilia and child trafficking. Today the press secretary and his deputy both resigned with no explanation.






Saturn is currently opposing the USA Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer. The USA with its July 4th birthday is a Cancer country. This is giving us challenges with borders (Saturn rules walls and boundaries). It also rules government and restriction; the government shutdown began as Saturn came within 3 degrees of the USA Sun. It will oppose it from now til January 22nd, then again the whole month of September, when Saturn in retrograde (apparent backward motion, pushing us to redefine boundaries and government) will station direct (move forward) EXACTLY on the USA Sun! A very great time of correction where we get to lay down integrity and accountability. We are being called to incorporate compassion and nurturing into our society.

Uranus returns to Taurus March 7th

Uranus square the Nodes of the USA

Eclipses in Cancer, Capricorn

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