Here comes the SUN! The Great American Eclipse ...

Well, it's finally here... The Great American Eclipse is on its way.  



It's such a game-changer for the planet, and especially the U.S. AND Donald Trump, as most of us have become aware through the media and the internet.  

If we could cut through all the blah-blah and sum it up in a phrase, I'd say it's this:

The Great American Eclipse is all about The Return of The Goddess.  The Realization of Our Divine Heritage.  That is the highest expression of its potential -- the ability to acknowledge our lite -- the stuff from which we are made -- and use it for the benefit of all.  

Don't settle for anything less than this vision!  Avoid those doomsayers on the internet trying to hook us with fear!

 With Mercury moving through the sign of Virgo, we must be HIGHLY aware that OUR WORDS CREATE OUR REALITY.  SO CHOOSE WISELY.   What we think and share affects the entire planet.  So let's speak into existence the beautiful, warm, loving planet we have held in our hearts since childhood.  This is a time to re-ignite our Inner Child (Leo rules children and the Sun, and Children of the Sun!).  

So let this be our template, our navigation into the great potentials of the greatest event of our lifetime.  Indeed!