Welcome to Eclipse Season 2017!


It's 5:39 pm and 5 minutes ago I launched this site on a most auspicious marker:  The February Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees of Leo.  

Welcome to the Eclipse Season!

This year (and this month) feature important eclipses ... the one today is powerful and even so, still but a preamble for what's to come:  its bookend, the Great American Eclipse not just of 2017, but our whole lifetime.  

Yeah, it's big.  

That big.

I'll be writing more about this but for this moment will go into prayer and reflection tonight to honor this most auspicious occasion.  

Wherever you are, take a moment right now and reflect on your blessings.  Leo rules the heart and its ruler is the Sun, the source of light and vitality in our physical universe.  Better yet, reflect on those blessings in nature.  Standing  barefoot, you quickly and easily connect with the nature realms.  Even if it's just your backyard, or someone else's.  Connecting with nature is our birthright and something too often overlooked in our daily rush and dance with technology.  

Go and enjoy this auspicious eclipse!  The effects will last for about three months and could even be longer, depending on your birth chart.  Allow it to illuminate your understanding and allow its messages in.  Take the time to connect in silence, in nature.  This eclipse has a Comet 45P (geez, people, can we come up with something a little snazzier? :) accompanying it... DEFINITELY a portent of change!  

Peace and blessings to you my dear friends!

irlianna samsara