2017: The Return of the Goddess

Back in July we summed up the impending arrival of The Great American Eclipse in one phrase:  "The Return of The Goddess".  While everybody quickly moved on from that stupendous event, most don't remember that the real impact of the eclipse (or any eclipse) is always in the months and years to come.  

An eclipse is like planting a seed.  Soon enough it will germinate and sprout, and eventually bear fruit.  And sometimes the fruit that it bears is not very pleasant.  That's because eclipses show us our shadow.  Indeed, it's impossible to effect change in the world until we confront our shadow.  

Probably the best example of this is the continuing unfoldment of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  Going by the rectified (estimated) chart on public sites, the Eclipse landed in his 1st house of self image and projection to the world.  It also hit a slew of other points, all pointing to Hollywood, power, children and deception.  Every day, more women are coming forward about the abuses he perpetrated against women for decades.  It's also prompted a #MeToo movement on social media, where women share their stories of sexual harassment across all industries.  

With the Eclipse having taken place at 28 degrees of Leo, every month a whiff of the eclipse presents itself when the Moon hits that point.  This month, the Moon at 28 degrees of Leo on October 14th coincided with Harvey Weinstein 's getting the boot from the Oscars Academy.   Will be interesting to see what happens next when the Moon Leo returns November 10-11



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