Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn's transit through Capricorn for the next three years started out very auspiciously, with its entrance at the (Northern Hemisphere) Winter Solstice at 0 degrees.

Saturn is the planet of fate, karma, destiny and responsibility.

It rules the highest levels of achievement, and those in high places.  Saturn 'coming home' to its ruling sign will see many fundamental shifts in the structure of society, and its beliefs.

Instead of patriarchy, though, we are shifting to a feminine-based, compassionate matriarchal model.  Yes, there will still be rules, of course, but they're now getting based on supportive, non-competitive mindsets, attitudes of cooperation, not competition.

Nowhere is this more evident than the #Time'sUp initiative that has taken over Hollywood since the New York Times exposé on Harvey Weinstein that changed the culture of business not just in Hollywood but all over America.  

The United States, whose astrology points to a Divine Feminine consciousness (our July 4th birthday puts us at 13 degrees of Cancer, the sign of the mother, women in general, and nurturing) is finally getting to witness this shift, one which we have waited ages for.  

The Divine Feminine was programmed into the USA from the very beginning, and the architecture of key buildings in Washington, DC and elsewhere reflect it too.  Few people know that at the top of the U.S. Capitol, overlooking the hundreds of Congress members in the halls below, stands an iron sculpture of a neoclassical goddess wearing a Native American headdress.  In addition, the Capitol and the Washington Monument are aligned with the constellation Sirius which in turn is aligned with the USA birth chart for July 4th.   

Now that Saturn is back in its home sign of Capricorn, we take note that Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign which means it's ultimately feminine leadership that truly holds sway.   Destiny realized!

 In true Saturn fashion, Time's Up and it's About Time!  

Winter Solstice 2017 Astrology: Welcome to the Stargate!

Saturday, December 9th, The Soul Centre, Winter Park FL

Saturday, December 16th, SamaCore Yoga & Barre,

Who needs a new iPhone when we can connect with The Milky Way?  That's just what the cosmos has in store for us on Winter Solstice (December 21, 2017) -- nothing less than the opportunity to tune in to higher states of consciousness, an event foretold by the Mayan Calendar 26,000 years ago.

On that day the Sun and Moon in Capricorn will align with Saturn and the Galactic Center of the Milky Way.  

This alignment on Winter Solstice marks the completion of the 26,000 year cycle prophesied by the 2012 Mayan Calendar.  How so?

The modern Gregorian Calendar is off by five years.  Hence 2012 = 2017.  Thus a broad understanding of the massive, fundamental shifts occurring in our society, the earth and the very structure of what we deem to be reality.  

With Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all in feminine (water and earth) signs, big bada boom!  The goddesses have entered the building!



2017: The Return of the Goddess

Back in July we summed up the impending arrival of The Great American Eclipse in one phrase:  "The Return of The Goddess".  While everybody quickly moved on from that stupendous event, most don't remember that the real impact of the eclipse (or any eclipse) is always in the months and years to come.  

An eclipse is like planting a seed.  Soon enough it will germinate and sprout, and eventually bear fruit.  And sometimes the fruit that it bears is not very pleasant.  That's because eclipses show us our shadow.  Indeed, it's impossible to effect change in the world until we confront our shadow.  

Probably the best example of this is the continuing unfoldment of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.  Going by the rectified (estimated) chart on public sites, the Eclipse landed in his 1st house of self image and projection to the world.  It also hit a slew of other points, all pointing to Hollywood, power, children and deception.  Every day, more women are coming forward about the abuses he perpetrated against women for decades.  It's also prompted a #MeToo movement on social media, where women share their stories of sexual harassment across all industries.  

With the Eclipse having taken place at 28 degrees of Leo, every month a whiff of the eclipse presents itself when the Moon hits that point.  This month, the Moon at 28 degrees of Leo on October 14th coincided with Harvey Weinstein 's getting the boot from the Oscars Academy.   Will be interesting to see what happens next when the Moon Leo returns November 10-11



Here comes the SUN! The Great American Eclipse ...

Well, it's finally here... The Great American Eclipse is on its way.  



It's such a game-changer for the planet, and especially the U.S. AND Donald Trump, as most of us have become aware through the media and the internet.  

If we could cut through all the blah-blah and sum it up in a phrase, I'd say it's this:

The Great American Eclipse is all about The Return of The Goddess.  The Realization of Our Divine Heritage.  That is the highest expression of its potential -- the ability to acknowledge our lite -- the stuff from which we are made -- and use it for the benefit of all.  

Don't settle for anything less than this vision!  Avoid those doomsayers on the internet trying to hook us with fear!

 With Mercury moving through the sign of Virgo, we must be HIGHLY aware that OUR WORDS CREATE OUR REALITY.  SO CHOOSE WISELY.   What we think and share affects the entire planet.  So let's speak into existence the beautiful, warm, loving planet we have held in our hearts since childhood.  This is a time to re-ignite our Inner Child (Leo rules children and the Sun, and Children of the Sun!).  

So let this be our template, our navigation into the great potentials of the greatest event of our lifetime.  Indeed!