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I've always been fascinated by codes and symbols.

As a child my favorite magazine was Highlights for Children. Every month they’d feature a picture, where you had to find common everyday objects nestled inside some big hairy drawing of a jungle or some such thing. These hidden pictures were the only thing in the magazine I really paid attention to.

How I loved looking deep into those images every month.  Hey! There’s a toothbrush. Look! A hammer, wrapped around a banana leaf! And on and on. The fact that my eyes could discern one world laid on top of another simply fascinated me. Little did I realize that years later this very interest would open up as a major life focus.

Fast-forward to my 20’s. I’m in Italy with my parents. We're visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, home to some of the world’s finest Renaissance art. There we happen upon Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. It's that famous painting known more humorously as Venus on the Clamshell. I exuberantly share with Mom and Dad all the things I remembered about this painting from art history classes -- the symbolism, the hidden meanings, you name it, total passionate stream of consciousness. Botticelli, after all, was one of my favorite Renaissance painters. When I finished Mom said, “You may not have noticed, but while you were speaking all the other people in the room had stopped moving and were listening in.”


It was a moment of truth: deciphering mystical messages was not only immensely satisfying but valuable to others.

Not that I did anything with that insight.  I was, after all working in New York City, all caught up in public relations and new product marketing -- a far cry from mystical messages!  

Two years later, however, I experienced a spiritual awakening which completely shifted my worldview.  I was no longer interested in climbing the corporate ladder, and found empathy with someone who said in a magazine, "I didn't want my tombstone to read, 'helped increase corn oil sales 500%'."

I began studying yoga, sound healing and energy medicine and used those disciplines to heal and empower myself and eventually others.  Astrology remained non-existent until a fateful conversation in 1990 with a guy I had recently met.  We were sitting in my garden on a sunny day, having a get-to-know you conversation.  He knew nothing about me apart from my name and where I lived.  Somehow I mentioned my age in passing, to which he responded, "Well, you've just had a very intense two years."  And he proceeded to outline exactly what kinds of change happened in my life, from the viewpoint of astrology.   I listened intently and incredulously,  jaw on the ground.  His description was spot-on.  He read my life like a book.  All I remember thinking was, how could he know?  How could he know?   

It was a moment of truth and it blew my mind.  Astrology had -- through a Wall Street executive, of all people! -- introduced itself to me, although it would be another several years before I started learning it thanks to three highly experienced astrologers.   It would be another six years before I would learn that Wall Street securities firms all use astrologers, thanks to an A&E documentary.

I have come to know and understand and vastly transform myself through the information contained in my astrological chart, for which I am forever grateful.  My desire to empower others as thoroughly and deeply as I have been empowered is my sole mission and commitment with StarSound Astrology.  


~Irlianna Samsara